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What Is a Carriage Bolt

Apr. 12, 2021

What Is a Carriage Bolt

Are you looking for reliable, high-quality fasteners? If so, you may come across all kinds of carriage bolts. Next, let's take a look at what a carriage bolt is, when the best time is to use one and how to use it correctly.

What is a carriage bolt?

A carriage bolt is a fastener that can be made of many different materials (stainless steel is the most popular). Carriage bolts usually have a round head and a flat head, and are threaded along part of the shank. Carriage bolts, often referred to as plow bolts or coach bolts, are the most commonly used in wood applications. However, they are much more diverse than people think.

Choose the right carriage bolt

If quality and longevity are important to you when it comes to carriage bolts, then it would be wise to buy carriage bolts made of stainless steel. These bolts will be corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and strong. If the bolts will be used for external applications, then another good option is hot-dip galvanized steel, which will also be extremely corrosion resistant. Having said that, if the carriage bolts are to be immersed in water, then the best choice is undoubtedly stainless steel.

When and how to use carriage bolts

Carriage bolts are ideal for fixing wood to metal. In addition, carriage bolts can also be used to fasten two pieces of wood together. Some special versions of carriage bolts allow the effective fastening of two separate metal components.

In order to use carriage bolts, you need some additional tools, including a hammer, a drill, a nut and a washer. Remember, carriage bolts can only be inserted into pre-drilled holes. This is due to the special shape of the head of the carriage bolt. It is always smooth and round, which means that it is impossible to use a drilling device to screw it into the material.

Considering the size of the carriage bolt itself, first drill a hole in the material. Slide the carriage bolt into the hole you made yourself. If the fit is too tight, you can use a hammer to gently move it to the right position. Then you need to connect your washer and nut. Place the washer behind the bolt and follow the washer with the nut. A washer is important because it helps reduce any damage when you use the nut to pull the carriage bolt into the material. Tighten the nut and move the carriage bolt to the correct position. The goal is to get the underside of the head of the carriage bolt to sit comfortably on the material.

Removing the carriage bolt is also a relatively simple process. It can be done by screwing the nut, but make sure it stays on the bolt. Hit the nut with a hammer to start loosening the material of the bolt, and continue this process until you can remove the bolt by hand.

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