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How to Use u Bolts Correctly?

Nov. 10, 2020

U type embedded bolts are made of iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials. Although they are not large in size, they are powerful and effective. They are commonly used metal expansion bolts and are characterized by strong grip. Able to achieve a good fixation effect. U-shaped bolts are widely used and are often used in the installation of protective columns, roofs and air conditioners.

1. How to use U-shaped bolts

The use of U-shaped bolts is very simple. Before the operation, the construction personnel need to drill holes on the wall, then insert the U-shaped bolts into this hole, and tighten the bolts. At this time, the ring tube will be squeezed and elongated, and the bolts will be stuck. Play a fixed role in the hole. If the project needs to use the pouring method, the construction personnel need to reserve the appropriate size in advance.

When we use U-shaped bolts, we need to pay attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the product surface, do not contact it with debris, and regularly clean the rust or oil stains on the surface. In addition, it is not advisable to install U-bolts in rainy weather. The size and quality of the connecting steel plates must be strictly checked and corrected before installation to ensure correct operation and firm connection. Tips: Do not hammer U-shaped bolts to avoid damage to the bolt threads.

U Type Embedded Bolts

U Type Embedded Bolts

2. The structural characteristics of U-bolts

U-shaped bolts are mainly used for the connection and installation of mechanical parts in construction, automobiles, ships, bridges, tunnels, railways and other fields. They are non-standard parts. The end of the thread can be combined with a nut. Because it is fixed like a rider, Also known as riding bolt. From the appearance point of view, U-shaped bolts mainly have semicircle, right angle, triangle, oblique triangle and other shapes, and their density, bending strength, impact toughness, compression strength, elastic modulus, tensile strength, heat resistance and color Such characteristics are closely related to the use environment.

The thread is a part of the outer or inner surface of the U-bolt and has a uniform spiral convex shape. According to the characteristics and use of the thread structure, it can be divided into three categories: ordinary thread, drive thread and sealing thread. The tooth profile of the ordinary thread is triangular, which is used to connect or fix the parts, and according to the different pitch, the ordinary thread can be divided into two kinds, namely, coarse thread and fine thread. Among them, the connection strength of the fine-tooth thread is higher; the tooth profile of the drive thread has rectangular, trapezoidal, zigzag, triangular and other styles; the sealing thread is used for sealing connection, and there are three types of pipe thread, tapered thread and tapered pipe thread.

The above is the related introduction of U-shaped bolts. Today, the Hex Bolts manufacturer mainly explains from the two aspects of use method and structural characteristics. I hope it will be helpful to our friends.

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