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Handan power composite insulator manufacturing process what kind of it

May. 04, 2020

1. Single umbrella suit bonding with flower cover baohua and vertical filling type: after the mandle-shaped outer sheath is pressed, it is introduced into the umbrella string bonded with RTHF silicone rubber, and the gap is vacuum filled with polymer filling glue. After the end is connected with the metal fitting and sealed, the production is completed.This kind of technology is an early process, with multiple procedures and large dispersibility, so it is difficult to ensure the fullness of 220KV and above voltage grade in batch production by its cementing technology. Due to the deflection of the mandrel and the small gap between the mandrel and the inner wall of the umbrella string, it is easy for the mandrel and the umbrella string to come into contact with the half-side of the rubber channel.

2. Extruded sheath and bonded umbrella tray: after the mandrel is treated with the brush binder after the wool treatment, the sheath is made by the extruding machine. After the secondary vulcanization, the cured umbrella sheet is bonded with RCM silicone rubber in the flash of the umbrella piercing machine.The production efficiency of the technology is high, because of the low export temperature of the domestic extrusion press, the bonding between the mandrel and the sheath is mainly carried out by secondary vulcanization, and the bonding surface between the loose disk and the sheath is small.

3. Segmented or one-shot injection: after the mandrel is treated with the brush binder, the mandrel is injected into the mold by the injection molding machine. The insulator with high voltage level is finished after taking segmented injection molding and being connected and sealed by secondary vulcanization and metal fittings. The mandrel and sheath of this process are connected by hot lotus root, with good bonding effect, and the inner insulation has only one layer of interface, which is a relatively new production technology.

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