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Expansion Screw Removal Skills

Sep. 15, 2020

Expanded anchor bolts, also known as blast screws. It is a special threaded connection used to fix pipeline supports/hangers/brackets or equipment on walls, floors, and columns. It is widely used worldwide, mainly in the construction industry. 

working principle:

The fixing principle of the expansion screw: the fixing of the expansion screw is to use the inclination of the shape to promote the expansion to produce the frictional binding force to achieve the fixing effect. The screw is threaded on one end and conical on the other end. There is an iron sheet on the outside, half of the iron sheet cylinder has several cuts, put them together into the hole made in the wall, and then lock the nut, and the nut pulls the screw outwards, pulling the conical degree into the iron sheet cylinder, the iron sheet cylinder is expanded Open, so it is tightly fixed to the wall, generally used to fasten protective fences, awnings, air conditioners, etc. on cement, bricks and other materials. But its fixation is not very reliable. If the load has a large vibration, it may loosen, so it is not recommended to install ceiling fans.

The principle of the expansion bolt is to drive the expansion bolt into the hole on the ground or the wall, then use a wrench to tighten the nut on the expansion bolt. The bolt goes out, but the outer metal sleeve does not move, so the big end under the bolt is The metal sleeve expands so that it fills the entire hole. At this time, the expansion bolt cannot be pulled out.

Expanded Anchor Bolts

method one:

To remove the expansion screw, first remove the screw cap, then use a hammer to knock the screw into the wall, and then use pliers to pull out the iron sheet outside the screw. After pulling out the iron sheet, clamp the screw with pliers and pull it out while shaking. ; Beat up and down with a small hammer, shake it a few times, you can easily take it out, some are very strong, so it still can’t be pulled out, use a chisel to cut off points around and then pull it out while turning it out. Yes, use a 6mm electric hammer drill bit to drill directly in, the depth is not less than the depth of the screw, and then use the pliers to clamp the outer ring while turning and pull it out, so that the most stubborn can be pulled out.

Method Two:

First, knock the exposed bolt part into the wall to separate the bolt expansion part from the outer expansion tube. Use needle-nose pliers to clamp the expansion jacket and pull out forcefully. After pulling out the expansion jacket, push the screws in when pulling the expansion tube. The bolts can be easily taken out. If the knocking is not loose, you can only use a percussion drill to loosen the periphery of the sleeve, and then repair the wall.

Method three:

Saw the outside with a hacksaw, and then drive it all into the wall. In the future, the expansion bolts will rust and squeeze the stucco layer of the wall. Method four:

Corrosion with sulfuric acid. However, this method is neither safe nor environmentally friendly, and has a greater impact on the wall. Not recommended!

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